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Aten Ray

Holy Water Etheric Cleanser Mist

Holy Water Etheric Cleanser Mist

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Tired of energy vampires zapping the positivity out of your day? Fret not! Our Holy Water Etheric Cleanser is your enchanting shield against these energy-draining culprits. Housed in a mesmerizing 4oz. glass amber bottle, this mist merges captivating artwork with the mystical prowess of authentic flower magic to keep your energy aglow.


  • Energetic Guardian: Repel energy vampires and their negative vibes with the concealed might of real flower magic in every spritz.
  • Charming Enchantment: Adore the vintage-inspired bottle artwork that whisks you into a realm of whimsy with each spray.
  • Flower Fusion: Infused with the vibrational essences of Matilija Poppy for transformation, Sage for purification, and Yarrow for protection – a triumphant trio to fend off negativity.
  • Reviving Aura: Spritz over your face and body for an instant surge of revitalizing energy, akin to basking in sunlight.
  • Mystical Atmosphere: Give a good shake and mist to metamorphose your surroundings into a sanctuary of positivity and enchantment.


  • Vampire-Repelling Sorcery: Craft an invisible shield against energy vampires and cultivate an environment of positivity using the potent magic of real flowers.
  • Abundant Positivity: Elevate your aura and space with a burst of vibrant energy, banishing negativity from your realm.
  • Whimsical Uplift: Watch your spirits ascend as you're transported to an enchanting domain with every spritz.
  • Genuine Floral Magic: Harness the authentic essence of real flowers and let their magic enfold you in a protective embrace.
  • Fragrance Like No Other: Immerse yourself in an olfactory journey reminiscent of a cool, vintage church atmosphere – a symphony of 12 premium essential oils.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Matilija Poppy Flower Essence, Sage Flower Essence, Yarrow Flower Essence, 12-Pure Natural Essential Oil Fragrance Blend, Brandy.


Defend yourself from energy vampires by misting your personal space or spritzing over yourself. Be sure to give it a hearty shake before each use to activate the flower magic at its zenith potential.

Bid adieu to energy vampires and embrace the captivating realm of Holy Water Etheric Cleanser. Awaken your inner enchantment and greet each day with a whimsical smile!

At ATEN RAY, we celebrate the beauty of imperfection and the charm of handcrafted creations. Our commitment to tactile artistry means that each product may carry the mark of human touch, adding character and uniqueness. Embrace the occasional printing quirks and artisanal finishes that make each piece a testament to authenticity and individuality. Your purchase supports the artisan spirit and the timeless allure of handmade craftsmanship.

Handmade at our design studio in Ojai, CA

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