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Mindset Shift - Mental Health Oracle Cards - Edition 3 - Ships May 2024

Mindset Shift - Mental Health Oracle Cards - Edition 3 - Ships May 2024

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Introducing Mindset Shift - Mental Health Oracle Cards Edition 3: Deepen Your Emotional Alchemy

Unlock the power of your emotions with Edition 3 of our Mindset Shift Oracle Cards. Crafted on premium craft paper, these cards are larger in size (3" x 5") and feature rounded corners and are hand lacquered, offering a more luxurious and durable experience. This edition comes in a handmade, screen printed box.

Limited Release: Edition 3 is an exclusive, limited release of only 100 handmade decks.

Key Features:

  • Gain insight into your thoughts and emotions. These cards are your trusted companions on your mental health journey, helping you explore the intricacies of your inner world.
  • Identify areas for personal growth and self-improvement. Discover new perspectives and solutions to overcome obstacles and challenges.
  • Develop a greater sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance. Embrace your true self and foster a deeper connection with your emotions.

Spreads for Deeper Insights:

  • Daily Inspiration: Draw a card each day to set a theme for your day and receive guidance as you navigate your experiences.
  • Three-Card Spread: Gain insights into the past, present, and future to understand the bigger picture of your life's journey.
  • Theme Exploration: Dive into specific areas of your life by drawing multiple cards related to a particular theme.
  • Reflective Journey: Begin with a single card and draw more as you progress on your personal journey, building layers of insight and self-discovery.

Enhancing Tarot Readings:

These Oracle Cards add a unique dimension of emotional awareness to traditional Tarot readings, offering insights into people's thoughts and behaviors like never before. They are about to become your new trusted ally in reading sessions.

Versatility Beyond Personal Readings:

These Oracle Cards offer a wide range of applications beyond personal readings:

  • Meditation and Journaling: Incorporate the cards into your meditation practice, using them as focal points for contemplation and self-reflection.
  • Guidance during Stressful Times: Draw a card for perspective and support when facing stress or uncertainty.
  • Therapist or Support Group Discussions: Use the cards as prompts to initiate discussions and share insights with your therapist or support group members.

Trust your intuition and adapt the cards to suit your unique needs and preferences. The Mindset Shift Oracle Cards, now in Edition 2 with the Initiates Guide, offer endless possibilities for enhancing your well-being and personal development.

The Initiates Guide Access:

Enhance your Edition 3 experience with the all-new Initiates Guide. This companion guide offers profound insights into emotional alchemy and human origins, complementing your use of the Oracle Cards. Access it now, for free, right here. It's like having a mentor by your side as you navigate the intricate landscape of your inner world.

Access the Initiates Guide for free on our website, or simply scan the QR code on the box or front of the Quick Start Guide that comes with your deck.

Are you ready to elevate your emotional alchemy journey? Edition 3 of the Mindset Shift Oracle Cards, now with the Initiates Guide and a distinctive bag, awaits your exploration.

Limited quantities available. Secure your Edition 3 deck today and embark on a deeper, more profound journey of self-discovery. 🌟

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Crafted with care at our design studio in Ojai, CA. Celebrating the beauty of imperfection and the charm of handcrafted creations.

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