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Aten Ray

PIXIE Luxury Candle

PIXIE Luxury Candle

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H.Noël Candle X Ojai Valley Brewery PIXIE Luxury Candle, co-designed with Aten Ray: Inspired by Ojai Valley Brewery's PIXIE White Ale, this 13 oz. luxury candle captures the essence of Ojai's Pixie oranges, coriander, and chamomile. A collaboration between H.Noël Candle and the brewery, it combines white beeswax and paraffin with pure essential and fragrance oils, filling your space with the aroma of an Ojai sunset amidst the pixie orchards. Handmade and handprinted in Ojai, California, this candle embodies the local craftsmanship and serene landscapes, offering an olfactory tribute to the beloved PIXIE White Ale.

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